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Well, you can read can’t you?! Okay, we’ll be nice for a moment. This is where you will find WIP (works in progress) as well as things we’ve created from the past.



Grab the Darkrasp, Evil Priest from Reaper at:

Grab the Plague Doctor from Reaper at:

Grab the Dungeon Dwellers: Brother Lazarus, Plague Doctor from Reaper at:

Grab Kyphrixis, The Copper Dragon from Reaper at:

One of the many projects going on at Entwined Chaos (currently) is the “Steampunk Oz” project. This is one of the biggest projects we’ve taken on since Entwined Chaos became reality. You can click the image below and follow the progress as we update the wonderful page of ChaOz!

View The Steampunk Oz Progress Gallery

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