Models, Dioramas & More Portfolio

These are just a few of the miniatures, dioramas, and more that we have made inside of Entwined Chaos.

If you’re interested in commissioning us for your miniatures, scale-models, diorama or otherwise please contact us!

Tree of Despair

On October 05, 2020 Reaper Miniatures released their amazing Tree of Despair. Reaper Miniatures and their artists never skip on details, dedication, and they’re always breaking the mold (figuratively and literally) with each piece they put out. Sculpted by Bobby Jones; this beautiful and creepy piece is one of those pieces that you cannot help but say, “Oh myyy! That is beautiful!” Even with its dark undertone.

Colorshift of Kyphrixis

This was a quick prototype of the Kyphrixis Dragon available from Reaper Miniatures. We used Green Stuff World‘s colorshift paint line to achieve the beautiful color-changing effect you see!


This little guy’s name is Stuffy! He’s the cute, adorable, and highly energetic mascot of Green Stuff World!

Harley Quinn Bat

Once in a while you just need them to kiss more than your fourth-point of contact. This is one of the few Harley Quinn baseball bats we’ve made for a few clients. Some are “movie accurate” (as much as possible) and others have been customized with a few movie accurate points with them.

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