Diorama/Model Supplies

  • Craft Paints (From “dollar store” to the most expensive known to mankind, you can use any for brush painting!)

We use everything from FolkArt to Apple craft paints for brushing. Not only do we use those (mainly for heavy coverage like terrain) but we also use almost the entire series of all of Reaper Miniatures‘ paint line(s). They’re not only great to brush on, they’re wonderfully adapted for your airbrush! This all comes down to your personal preferences. Do you like thick paints you need to thin in your projects to make sure you’re able to work with them? Or had you rather have something that is all ready-to-go and you just need a paint brush and something to paint?

  • Glue (CA/Super glues, PVA/school glues, foam friendly glues, Styrofoam glue, spray adhesive, there’s such a long list that it honestly comes down to what you need for your project and items you’re gluing. A few are linked below that we use personally.)
  1. Tamiya Thin Cement
  2. Gap Filler Super Glue
  3. Maxi-Cure Super Glue
  4. Insta-Set Super Glue Accelerator
  5. Tacky Adhesive Spray
  6. Tacky Always Ready Adhesive
  7. PVA/School Glue (Gallon)
  8. PAV/School Glue (Normal Size)

Remember, you do NOT have to get these particular brands. These are just “guides” as to what we use. If you find something you like better or easier on your wallet by all means, use it! There’s honestly no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to this!!

  • Paint Brushes (Again, these are things that are best suited by preference. Cheap to expensive, it doesn’t honestly matter. Do you like the man-made material bristles? Or had you rather have hog and horse hair? Do you need that expensive 4-set of brushes? Or can you do it with something that is a third of the price?)
  1. HeartyBay 10-Piece (Wonderful brushes and usually very cheap at places such-as WalMart, Five Below, etc.)
  2. Harbor Freight Horse Hair 36-Piece (We use these for dry brushing, terrain cover, spreading glues, things we don’t want to ruin our main/good brushes for.)
  3. Transon Round 9-Piece Detail (These are only needed if you’re painting true miniatures. Mainly, you can get away with using the aforementioned brushes for most things. Wait until you’re comfortable and able to afford things that are this “minute”.)
  4. SUCCOL 11-Piece Detail (Please refer to #3. We do 28mm and below usually…. We like our fine brushes. We’re OCD so…………………)
  5. Neiko Paint & Chip Brush (You can get these almost anywhere nowadays; Hardware, craft, and many other stores.)

Check around your “dollar stores”, sales happening at the local craft shops, look any and every where you can. Most places, all throughout the year, have brush sets on sale. We can go to almost any store in town, right now, and grab a hundred brushes for under $20. Honestly. So just look around! Find what your hand is comfortable with as well as the flow of painting things when it comes to yourself.

Mod Podge (This is truly essential for almost everything you do. Whether it’s for base coating, simple-made wash, or you’re covering something to protect it from the elements… HAVE THIS ON-HAND ALWAYS! We prefer to have BOTH gloss and matte. Why? Because we may want a shiny coat for some odd reason…… Or we’ll just keep to the popular dull look. Who knows?)

As far as tools that you need to start? Go simple. Have some everyday tweezers, scissors (always have these!), a couple of different sized METAL rulers, very good lighting, and some basic glues, craft paints and brushes. You can (literally) make a diorama/small-scale for less than $20 on the first go. If it’s your first time, don’t go big, you’ll disappoint yourself. It always happens in life, no matter what type of “project” or environment it is. Going big when you’re just starting out ends in high disappointments which means you’ll, more than likely, give up. So start simple and work your way upwards.

Are there specialty tools to make things easier? Of course. We’ll add those as we remember. (Trust us, we have a ton of tools and then we have our personal lives so please bare with us!) Just know that you can use anything from “trash” like that shampoo bottle that is empty to those bendy straws your kid didn’t use at the last birthday party — open your mind, this niche has endless possibilities…

We have a few more places we get paints, terrain coverings, and things of that nature that we’ll have linked below. From time-to-time, We’ll update this “guide” for your ease of “What are these dummies using now?” If you have any questions, comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try to help you!

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